Fan Support

We would love to have parents Adopt-a-Meet to bring treats to our meets or to host a pasta dinner the night or two before the race for the skiers! In the past, there have usually been two families per meet to make it easier so if there is someone you would like to pair up with, talk with them. Also, we have a larger team this year, 80+ and counting, so if there are several families that would like to partner up, that might be helpful for you. Check out our schedule so you know which dates might work for you. Once you have signed up, we’ll add you to the list here so you will know if there are more openings and when you signed up for. If you would like to “Adopt-a-Meet” e-mail Coach Litchy ( with the date you would like. Thank you for all your support!!

  • Meet Treats: We’d like a minimum of two families per race day.  The treats will be split to put out after each race if there are multiple races in one day.
  • Pasta Dinners: Dinners are held a night or two before the actual meet.  You could also host a weekend event if that would be easier for your schedule.
  • If you feel comfortable hosting on your own, great! If you would prefer to partner with another family, let us know.

Check the calendar to see the dates: CALENDAR