Weekly Practice Schedule 17-18

Feb 5-10

Mon: Easy skate ski at Woodlands, 40 minutes + practice skate starts. 5-6 starts. 1 bus at 3:30 to woodlands, return 4:45. Section athletes wax prep for sections, wax with Rex LFG, low flouro graphite wax which will also harden your bases for the cold weather. Do this sometime Monday or Tuesday right after school.

Tuesday: Easy skate ski, race prep for sections. Rest up for Wednesday. Don’t ski too hard. 1 bus at 3:30

Wednesday: Sections race at Theodore Wirth. Bus leaves at 7AM, load 6:45

Girls classic 10AM        Boys Classic 11AM               Girls skate 1:30PM              Boys skate 2:30PM

Thursday: Talk about the race, how it went. Talk about state meet for qualifiers. Talk about coaches relays. 1 Bus at 3:30, Easy skate ski at Woodlands.

Friday: Normal bus schedule, 2:50 leave for woodlands, Middle school at 3:30, return 4:45. Longer skate ski, work on technique and practice handoffs for coaches relays.

Saturady: TBD

Jan 29-Feb 3

Jan 29: No school, but we still have practice for Conference athletes and also the JV Conference meet at Elm Creek.

For Conference athletes, practice will be at 10:00 at Theodore Wirth in Minneapolis. We will preview the terrain of the ski trails for the conference meet and talk about how to ski them the best. It is really valuable to be familiar with the race courses so we can give ourselves the best chance to succeed. It takes about 45 minutes to get there so leave accordingly. I know we have carpools set up with some of the older athletes, if you still need a ride, try to find an upperclassman to ride with. You will need to buy a daily pass, they raised the prices this year to $20, the team will pay half of that cost. We will meet at the start area after you get your pass at the chalet. Hopefully we are skiing by around 10:15 after we get the passes.

After skiing we can return to Elk River to prep your skis for conference. Make sure your skis have clean kick zones and are marked well. Also get a fresh coat of wax on them before the coaches and parents prep them on Tuesday night.

You are also welcome to come to the JV conference meet to cheer on your teammates.

JV Conference see post on main page, bus leaves ERHS at 2PM, be there early, around 1:40-1:45

Jan 30: Short easy ski on your own, 30 minutes, with a couple pickups.

Coaches will be waxing skis for the conference meet tonight. Parents, if you would like to help, let us know. Even if you don’t know about waxing, we can teach you. We will be waxing skis at the Lee’s house in Nowthen, starting around 4:00. Dinner will be provided.

Jan 31: Conference Meet at Theodore Wirth, All day. Bus will leave at 7:15 from ERHS. All competing athletes and alternates are invited.

10:00 Girls Freestyle

11:00 Boys Freestyle

1:30 Girls classic pursuit

2:30 Boys classic pusuit

3:30 Awards.

Feb 1: Easy recovery practice at Woodlands, skate ski. Bus leaves 3:30, return 4:45. All athletes invited, JV and Varsity

Feb 2: Practice at Woodlands, normal bus schedule, 2:50 leave from high school, return 4:45

Feb 3: Morning practice at Woodlands, 9:00 AM

Jan 22-27

Jan 22: 2 hour early release, practice starts at 12:50. Skate ski at woodlands. Race warm up 20 minutes plus five 30s pick ups. Then a short interval workout focused on speed. 8 x 1 minute intervals at 3k race pace. 1.5 minute recovery. Follow with cool down until 2:45.

Jan 23: Pictures at 2:50, BRING UNIFORMS. then easy classic ski at Woodland trails plus starts.

Jan 24: Skate race at Hyland

Jan 25: Classic pursuit race at Baker, may change due to snow conditions.

Jan 26: Easy classic ski at Woodlands, focus on technique, striding, and downhill turns

Jan 27: Skate ski at Woodlands, no more core, we are resting for the end of season meets.

Jan 15-20

Jan 15: Practice at Woodlands 1:00. Work on classic technique and transitions in groups.

Jan 16: Pictures at School for yearbook. Practice at Woodlands, bus leaves 3:45, easy 45 minute classic ski + starts.

Jan 17: 5k Classic meet at Theodore Wirth.

Jan 18: Skate practice at woodlands, work on transitions, start with no pole skate

Jan 19: Skate ski at Woodlands, intervals

Jan 20: Morning core at 8:00 AM followed by ski.

Jan 8- 13

Monday: Distance ski at Woodlands. Emphasis on double pole and no pole skate. Skiing the outer loop, double pole all the flats and downhills and no pole skate all the  uphills. Beginners meet with coaches to work on technique. 90 minute ski.

Tuesday: Easy classic ski at Woodlands, 45-60 minutes + starts

Wednesday: Race at Elk River Golf Course, 5k skate

Thursday: easy skate ski at woodlands

Friday: Classic Intervals at Woodlands

Saturday:  Morning core+ Long distance ski at Woodlands. Last Long ski of the year, at least 2 outer loops, 20k+

Week 6: Dec 18-23

Monday: Practice at Elm Creek 6:15-7:45pm. 30 minute ski, 30 minute double pole, 30 minute ski. New skiers, talk about classic turns, downhill cornering. Those who can’t join at Elm Creek ski at golf course at normal practice time 2:45.

Tuesday: Short quick intervals at Golf course. Emphasis on getting ready for the race Thursday. Race warm up and longer cool down.

Wednesday: One bus, leaves at 3:30 with middle school. Talk about race preparation. Wax skis before the bus leaves or after practice for the race Wednesday. Can also wax skis most days during the week, feel free to ask. Short ski, 40-50 minutes + starts.

Thursday: Skate race at Elm Creek. 5K. Starts at 3:30

Friday: Easy ski. Wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Milk and Cookies after the ski.

Saturday: Possible Skinny Santa citizen race at Woodlands, 20K. Need more snow to hold it. If we do we will need volunteers for set up and registration. Otherwise, ski on your own, Long ski, 25-30K. Enjoy the holiday time with your families!

Week 5: Dec 11-16

Note: The practice schedule this week is very tentative. As of now we may get enough snow tonight to ski on the athletic fields or the golf course/woodland trails. Be prepared for everything, bring your skis, poles, boots, and running shoes to practice every day.

Monday: Possible ski on snow on athletic fields or golf course/woodlands. If not, short, quick hill bounding intervals. 30-45 seconds in duration. Location TBD depending on weather. Race warm up and cool down.

Tuesday: Practice at Elm Creek, workout details on front page.

Wednesday: Easy ski on golf course

Thursday: Ski on golf course

Friday: Ski on golf course, medium intensity, with continuous double pole for 30 minutes. 60-80 minutes total

Saturday: Long ski. Possible day trip up north to ski. Likely at Mt. Itasca in Grand Rapids. They have the best snow. Leave high school 7am, return in the evening. We will have limited space available, starting with varsity and returning skiers first. If not joining us on the trip ski at Elm Creek.

Week 4:

Monday Dec. 4: Hill bounding workout at Banana Hill. Emphasis on classic skiing and short quick, powerful motions.  Bring classic poles for bounding if you have them. This is a hard day.

Tuesday Dec 5: Easy rollerski 45-60 minutes. Finish with 4-6 100m pick ups. Hand out uniforms.

Wednesday Dec 6: Possible first race. I think it will likely be cancelled. Elm Creek has only raced in the past when they have the full 2.5 k loop. This is very unlikely. If  there is no race we will do intervals this day. TBD on length and location.

Thursday: Recovery ski 45-60 minutes, core

Friday: 60-80 minutes with 30 minutes of double pole. During the double pole, 10 by 1 minutes intervals with 2 minutes recovery double pole.

Saturday: 8 am core at high school + long ski. For some first year skiers this may be 60-70 minutes. Varsity skiers should be up to 1 hr 45 minutes. Location TBD depending on weather.

Week 3:

Monday 11/27: Rollerski workout on Lowell St in Brentwood. Race warm up, 20 minutes plus pick ups, depending on ablility 5-7, 8-10, or 10-12 hill repeats, alternating double pole, and single stick for the first portion of the hill. 20-30 minutes cool down.

Tuesday 11/28: Elk River City Park cleanup. We do this every year as a thank you for the city allowing us to use woodland trails.

Wednesday 11/29: Easy rollerski 45-60 minutes plus core.

Thursday 11/30: Rollerski intervals in Brentwood.  Race warm up, 20 minutes plus pick ups, 3-5 by 1 mile repeats, 20-30 minute cool down.

Friday 12/1: Easy rollerski 45-60 minutes + games

Saturday  12/2: 8am core at High School + long ski (possible Elm Creek) or rollerski 90-110 minutes. Working on progression of long ski to its peak of 2.5-3 hours on winter trip.

Week 2:

Monday: Practice at Elk River High School. Starts at 2:45.  Varsity and JV, 55-75 minute rollerski with 30 minutes double pole in the middle. Very similar to the workout we did last Wednesday. First year skiers continue to work on skating with our poles, head out to the railroad grade and neighborhoods. Learn where to ski and what neighborhoods are best. Also have a downhill lesson.

Tuesday: 2:45 High School Core in the weight room, followed by a short recovery ski. 30-45 minutes. Talk about team and individual goals. Talk about race warm up.

Wednesday: 2:45 High School Rollerski time trial at Woodland Trails. Warm up from school to the Biathlon range. Start at Biathlon range, ski around poplar and prairie loops clockwise. 1 loop =2.65k, 2 loops = 5.3K.

Thursday: Wild Turkey Wattle. Volunteers show up at your designated times. Set up starts at 6AM, race starts at 8AM, cleanup should be done by 10-10:15AM.

Friday: 2:45 High School. Easy ski with emphasis on no pole skate. Agility drills/turning/obstacle course.

Saturday: 8AM High School. Core in weight room. Long distance rollerski, 70-100 minutes.

Week 1:

Monday Nov 13: First day of practice for returning high school skiers. We will be getting lockers, taking some V2 and double pole video, and going on a 45-60 minute continuous rollerski. Also sign up for meeting to review video and talk about strengths and weaknesses.

Tuesday Nov 14: First day for all skiers, bring your bots and poles if you have them, we will be getting all the first year people lockers, going on a warm up and meeting on the Salk fields to talk about body position and basic ski technique so we know what is going on when we get on rollerskis. We will also be doing core, and finishing with a game.

Wednesday Nov 15th: First day on rollerskis for new skiers! we will be working on getting comfortable, doing no pole skate, and double pole techniques. Returning skiers, we will be doing some agility drills, and then going on a continuous rollerski with emphasis on double pole. 50-70 with 20 minutes of double pole in the middle.

Thursday Nov 16th: Banana hill bounding day. Similar to last year with 3-5 sets. Bananas to eat after practice.

Friday Nov 17th: Talk about goals and training logs. New skiers continue to get comfortable on skis, ski in Lions park, core Varisty/JV recovery ski 30-45 minutes, agility drills, core.

Saturday Nov 18th: Morning core 8am high school. Then drive to Elm Creek to Rollerski, 60-90 minutes. We want varsity skiers to get 18-20k girls and 20-25k boys.

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