Weekly Practice Schedule 2018-19

Week 5: Dec 10-15

Monday: We have an Elm Creek practice slot from 2:45-4:30. We have 2 vans reserved for the practice. We will be classic skiing to prepare for our race Wednesday at Elm Creek. 60-70 minute ski followed by 6-8 30 second pick-ups. Coaches will continue to work with new skiers on technique, and all skiers on no pole classic.

Tuesday: Practice at ERHS at 2:45. Short 25-35 minute run+ wax skis for our race Wednesday.

Wednesday: Race at Elm Creek. 3:30 start for boys, followed by 4:00 for girls. 5k classic, which is 2 loops on the man made snow. Also a 2.5 k option for those who choose. Teams are Andover, Blaine, Armstrong, Osseo, and Spring Lake Park. We should be back at ERHS by about 6:30.  Leave times TBD.

Thursday: Practice time slot 6:15-7:45 at Elm Creek. Skate skiing. Easy recovery skate ski with focus on technique. Coaches will work with small groups.

Friday: Pratice at ERHS at 2:45. Core, run, and snowman making contest.

Saturday: Long classic ski at either Elm Creek or Mora. 20-25k. Possible intervals.

Week 4: Dec 3-8

Monday: We have an elm creek practice time slot 2:45-4:30. We hope to have vans ready for this practice and will try to reserve Monday morning. If we can’t reserve them we will have practice at the school for those who cannot find a ride to elm creek. If at Elm Creek. Skate skiing. Continue to work on balance and V2. We will do balance drills with small groups, talk about race starts, then go on a continuous ski. Finish the ski with 6 by 30 second pick ups to race pace. Practice at the school, we will do core, followed by a possible ski on the athletic fields or run, come prepared for both.

Tuesday: Practice at ERHS @2:45. We will hand out uniforms, re-issue and hand out poles. Make sure everyone puts their name on both poles so we know who they belong too. We will also be doing a wax clinic, talk more about goals, and then go on a short pre-race workout, 25-35 minute run.

Wednesday: Race at Hyland starting at 4 PM. Boys at 4, girls to follow approx 4:30-4:40 start. Age group race, seniors will go first, followed by juniors, soph, etc… One skier from each team will start every 20 seconds. Race is planned to be 2 laps of whatever they have made for snow, right now that is 1.8k, so 3.6k total distance for 2 laps. Leave by 5:45, and get back to school around 6:45. Teams will be Andover, Armstrong, Champlin Park, Maple Grove, and Park Center. Leave times TBD, check back on Monday/Tuesday.

Thursday: Practice at Elm Creek at 6:15-7:45, vans leave ERHS at 5:30, be there at 5:15. Classis skis. This might be the first day on classic for new athletes. Work on getting to know the basic movements. For varsity and JV, easy classic recovery ski, approx 1 hour.

Friday: Practice @2:45 at Elm Creek. 2:45-4:30 time slot. Vans will leave after school for those who need them. one at 2:45 and the other at 3:15 for middle school.  Varsity and JV Classic ski with double pole intervals, 20-30 minute warm up followed by 10x 1 minute double pole intervals, with 2 minute recovery. Then a 20-30 minute cool down. New skiers continue to work on classic. We will work on learning all the techniques. Double pole, kick-double pole, striding, and herringbone.

Saturday: Nordic Ski Opener at Elm Creek, lots of vendors with ski demos. Lots of new first time skiers. Should be a blast. If you are a parent who has never skied before, this is a perfect opportunity! For the team, long easy ski. girls max 25k, boys max 30k. Meet at 8am.

Week 3: Nov. 26-Dec. 1

We have a busy week this week. Elm Creek has opened up practice times for teams, and we have 3 slots, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We can’t take buses to practice at Elm Creek due to costs, but are looking at other alternatives to get as many kids there as possible.

Monday: Practice 2:45-4:30 at Elm Creek. For those able to make it, mostly returning skiers, we will be having our first classic skiing practice. You will need to find a ride to Elm Creek with other skiers or your parents. Coach Varty will bring kick wax and be at Elm Creek. If you need to grab your skis from the school, do that quickly and get to Elm Creek after you grab them. For a workout, just work on getting comfortable on classic skis, do a long continuous ski for our practice time. We may meet to do work on kick, double pole at the beginning.

For those not able to make it, and most all first year skiers, we will be meeting at the Elk River high school. Coach Julie will be there. We will hand back your rental skis if you had binding switches. Anyone who didn’t get skis, let us know and we will get you skis by Tuesday/Wednesday. Ideally, we want everyone on snow on Wednesday at Elm Creek. Workout for Monday is at Lowell Hill in Brentwood. Work on double pole, single stick. Also, get familiar with the neighborhoods around school and good places to rollerski. Then go for a continuous ski back to school.

Tuesday: Practice at ERHS at 2:45. Short video session, followed by core and an easy 45-60 minute rollerski.

Wednesday: Practice at Elm Creek at 2:45. Skate skiing, first interval session of the year for returning athletes. 6-8 x 1.25k intervals with 1 to 1 recovery. Intervals should be half the lap, start and finish at the start area. Alternate which half of the lap you do each time. Ex: start on the south side, then north, back to south, etc… Make sure you get a good 20 minute warm up + pick ups, and finish with a cool down until 4:30.

For new athletes, possible first day on snow, learn the balance and get comfortable skiing. Work on skiing the whole loop if you can, uphills and downhills.

If anyone can’t make it, we will have a coach at the high school for normal practice there.

NEW! Thursday: Practice 2:45 at the high school. Talk about team goals+ skate ski on the athletic fields, play ships across the ocean.

NEW! Friday: Practice at Elm Creek. No practice at the high school. Later time slot, 6:15-7:45. We want to take advantage of the opportunity to be on snow early, so we would like as many of you here as possible. We have 2 team vans that will leave ERHS at 5:30 if you need a ride, be there at 5:15 to get your ski equipment. If you are driving yourself, be there at Elm Creek ready to go at 6:15, so get there at 6-6:10. We encourage everyone to practice with the team at 6:15, but if you cannot make the later time and have your elm creek pass, you can go ahead and ski earlier in the day. Workout is skate skiing: For beginners work on V1 on uphills and also downhill corners with coaches. For Varsity and JV, 1 hour easy ski, finish with 10 short 30 second sprints to work on turnover. We may also ski with small groups to work on V2, or other weaknesses. Bring your parents with, they can ski too. They have rental equipment available.

Saturday: practice 8:00 AM at Elm Creek. Long ski of the week. Bump up your volume by an additional 10 minutes or 2-3k from last week. That might mean around 25-30+ kilometers for top varsity. Finish your ski with 6, 1 minute pick ups to race pace. This will help us with our strength endurance and the ability to ski faster at the end of races.

Week 2: Nov. 19-24

We will hand out skis to athletes who need rentals on Monday and Tuesday. Monday we will hand out skis to the girls team, and Tuesday to the boys team. If you miss one of these days, don’t worry, we will get you skis before it snows. Returning athletes, if you can get to practice early Monday, starting at 1:45 we will scrape the storage wax off the skis so we can fit them to the skiers.

Monday: 2:45 at High school. Varsity and JV, 55-75 minute rollerski with 30 minutes double pole in the middle. Very similar to the workout we did last Wednesday. First year skiers continue to work on skating with our poles, head out to the railroad grade and neighborhoods. Learn where to ski and what neighborhoods are best. Also have a downhill lesson.

Tuesday: Practice at 2:45 High School Core in the weight room, followed by a short recovery ski. 30-45 minutes. Talk about team and individual goals. Talk about race warm up. Also team night at Pioneer Midwest.

Wednesday: Wild Turkey Wattle packing stuffing at 12:30. Practice at 2:45 High School.  Rollerski time trial at Woodland Trails. Warm up from school to the Biathlon range. Start at Biathlon range, ski around poplar and prairie loops clockwise. 1 loop =2.65k, 2 loops = 5.3K.

Thursday: Wild Turkey Wattle. Volunteers show up at your designated times. Set up starts at 6AM, race starts at 8AM, cleanup should be done by 10-10:15AM. Happy Thansgiving!

NEW! Friday: Practice 2:45 at Elk River High School, Core in weight room, followed by 45-60 minute easy rollerski.

NEW! Saturday: Practice 8:00 at Elm Creek. Longest ski of the year. Beginning skiers 60 minutes, up to 100 minutes for varsity athletes. Ski in groups. Finish ski with 6-8 30 second pick ups.

Week 1: Nov 12-17

Monday: First day of practice for returning high school skiers. We will be getting lockers for sure. Metting about the upcoming season goals, skier strengths and weaknesses. Then we have a couple options depending on weather. Bring both rollerski gear and dryland gear. Possibly ski gear?

Plan A: 45-60 minute rollerski, Meet for technique drills and video. Focus on skiing smooth and relaxed, with good balance. Finish with agility drills

Plan B: Roads aren’t suitable for rollerskiing, but not enough snow to ski. Run+ Bounding workout at Banana hill.

Plan C: We get more snow than we have and ski on athletic fields.

Tuesday: First day for all skiers, bring your boots and poles if you have them, we will be getting all the first year people lockers, going on a warm up and meeting on the Salk fields to talk about body position and basic ski technique so we know what is going on when we get on rollerskis. We will also be doing core, and finishing with a game.

Wednesday: First day on rollerskis for new skiers! we will be working on getting comfortable, doing no pole skate, and double pole techniques. Returning skiers, we will be doing some agility drills, and then going on a continuous rollerski with emphasis on double pole. 50-70 with 20 minutes of continuous double pole in the middle.

New! Thursday: Long Rollerksi for varsity athletes, 60-90 minutes easy. New skiers continue to get comfortable on skis, ski in Lions park and surrounding neighborhoods. Work on uphills and downhills. Go for a short ski in groups.

New! Friday: For people going to football game, morning practice. 6AM at ERHS. Go for 30-40 minute run, finish with core.

Regular practice 2:45 Talk about goals and training logs. New skiers continue to get comfortable on skis, work on knowing the differences between V1, V2, Open Field, tuck, agility drills, finish with core.  Varisty/JV recovery ski 30-45 minutes, agility drills, core. Prep skis for Saturday practice.

New! Saturday: Ski at Elm Creek or Hyland for returning skiers. Get comfortable on snow again, 60-90minutes.  New skiers talk to me on Friday about this practice.

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