Weekly Practice Schedule 16-17

Week 13: Feb 6th through Feb 12th

  • Monday: Woodlands 3:30-4:30 with the wax room open before and after
  • Tuesday: Practice on your own (carpool) – Parents waxing skis at Lee house + Athletes spaghetti dinner at Bouley house
  • Wednesday: Varsity Sections bus leaves at 7:15am
  • Thursday: Woodlands 3:30-4:30 with the wax room open before and after to clean skis
  • Friday: Woodlands 3:30-4:30
  • Saturday: Practice on your own 30-45min easy
  • Sunday: Day off

Week 12: Jan 30th through Feb 5th

  • Saturday: On your own easy 30-45min – we are tapering so take it easy! Rest and get sleep!

Week 11: January 23 through 29th

  • Monday: We have a practice slot at Elm Creek from 4:30-6pm.  There will be a coach there.  No practice at ERHS. If you cannot drive, or cannot have your parents drive you, see if you can carpool with the upperclassmen.
  • Tuesday: Wax room open after school – easy cardio (be prepared for dryland training!)
  • Wednesday: Meet at Theodore Wirth 5k Skate
  • Thursday: Meet at Elm Creek 5k Classic
  • Friday: We will have practice at normal times from ERHS but whether we are on snow or not depends on the weather. The wax room will be open for JV Conference skiers – Next Monday is JV Conference at Wirth. Choose your own technique 5k.
  • Saturday: Preview the Conference course at Theodore Wirth, 10AM. Coaches will be there. Cost of ski pass is $10. Set up carpools with the upperclassmen.
  • Sunday: Day off

Week 10: January 16 through 22

  • Monday: No school – practice on your own – Mesabi skiers take day off
  • Tuesday: Classic intervals
  • Wednesday: Wax room open – easy skate
  • Thursday: Skate 5k Race at Woodland
  • Friday: Technique day
  • Saturday: Skate intervals
  • Sunday: Day off

Week 9: January 9 through 15

  • Monday: Skate intervals
  • Tuesday: Wax room open – easy classic
  • Wednesday: 5K Classic Race at Hyland
  • Thursday: Technique day – ski whatever you aren’t skiing at Mesabi
  • Friday: Wax room open – easy ski whatever you are skiing at Mesabi
  • Saturday: Varsity leaves for Mesabi at 6:00am from ERHS
  • Sunday: Long ski.  1hr+ skate, 1hr+ classic

Week 8: January 2 through Jan 8

  • Monday: Golf course is groomed, Elm Creek is open – ski on your own 60 to 90min
  • Tuesday: Wax room open – easy skate + starts
  • Wednesday: Meet at Elm Creek. 5k Skate
  • Thursday: Wax room open – easy skate/classic your choice
  • Friday: Practice on your own
  • Saturday: Practice on your own – Long ski day
  • Sunday: Day off

Week 7: December 26 through Jan 1st

Week 6: December 19 through 25th

  • Monday: Long continuous ski – choose classic or skate
  • Tuesday: Wax room open. Easy skate ski + starts
  • Wednesday: Meet at Hyland. 5k Skate
  • Thursday: Short classic intervals
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:

Week 5: December 12 through 18

  • Monday: Skate ski – varsity on rock skis in Woodlands, JV/New on golf course
  • Tuesday: Was room open. Skate easy 45-60min + Starts
  • Wednesday: First Race! 3:30pm Skate – Elm Creek with back-up location at Woodlands
  • Thursday: Classic Technique
  • Friday: Classic Intervals
  • Saturday: Help with Skinny Santa 7:30am-noon
  • Sunday: Day off

Week 4: December 5 through December 11

  • Monday: Core + Pole hike at Woodlands (classic poles and running shoes)
  • Tuesday: Rollerski intervals
  • Wednesday: Wax demo + easy day
  • Thursday: First Race 5k Skate at Elm – CANCELED – Classic Intervals
  • Friday: Rollerski technique day (skate)
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Skate ski at Trollhaugen

Week 3: November 28 through December 4

  • Monday, 28: Long rollerski – Skate + Core after
  • Tuesday, 29: Banana hill – wear running shoes w/ classic poles
  • Wednesday, 30: Nutrition Talk + Rollerski Technique day
  • Thursday, 01: Rollerski Technique – focus on double pole + Core after
  • Friday, 02: Bounding Workout – wear running shoes w/classic poles
  • Saturday, 03:Practice 9am at Elm Creek – Rollerski – Meet by the beach parking lot not the chalet!
  • Sunday, 04: Day off
  • Week 2: November 21 through November 27

    • Monday, 21: Practice at ERHS 2:45pm. Guest Coach Matt Liebsch
    • Tuesday, 22: Practice at ERHS 2:45pm.  Handing out rental skis.
    • Wednesday, 23: If you signed up to help stuff packets please arrive at 1:30pm. Practice at ERHS 2:00pm meet in wax room.  Time trial at 2:45pm on snow if possible!
    • Thursday, 24: WILD TURKEY WATTLE 5k
    • Friday, 25: On your own
      • Start with 30-45min cardio (running or pole hiking)
      • Go through the exercises listed below 2-3 times
      • Lunges 20 each leg
      • Arm Swings 30sec

      • Toe Touches (balance) 10 each side

      • Bicycle 30sec

      • Plank-hover-scorpion x6+

      • Squat Jumps x10

      • Bridge kicks x30sec

      • Spiderman push-ups 5 each side (or 10 regular push-ups)

      • Stationary tuck 30sec

      • Double crunches 30sec

      • Bird-dog 30sec

      • Fire-hydrant 30sec

      • 80sec plank (front, side, side, back each 20sec)
    • Saturday, 26: Long run or rollerski 60-90min
    • Sunday, 27: Day off

    Week 1: November 14 through November 20th

    • Monday, 14: Returning skiers meet at wax room 2:45pm – bring a hairdryer if you have one (for pole tips!)
    • Tuesday, 15: First day of practice
    • Wednesday, 16: Rollerski stations
    • Thursday, 17: Rollerski stations
    • Friday, 18: Bounding at Lion’s park
    • Saturday, 19: Long rollerski. 60-90min. Elm Creek Park – meet by the Chalet at 9am
    • Sunday, 20: Day off

    Week 0: November 7 through November 13th

    • Wednesday, 9: Information/Parent meeting at ERHS Zabee Theater @ 6pm
    • Make sure all your forms are filled out and turned in before the first day of practice! All forms are online.

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