The Elk River Nordic Ski Team is a high school team that represents the Elk River School District, including the three high schools of Elk River, Rogers and Zimmerman.  We train together, support each other, and challenge each other throughout the season to become stronger skier and competitors.  At the Conference level we compete as one team but as we transition to the Section Meet we split to become the Elk River-Zimmerman team and the Rogers team.

We compete with both the traditional (classic) technique and the “newer”-skating technique of skiing and our skiers learn to ski with both styles.  Our races vary from sprint distance (800 meters – 1200 meters) up to a 10 km continuous pursuit.  Our most common race is a 5 km classic or 5 km skate race.  The last three championship meets of the season: Conference, Sections, and State, include to races skied in a pursuit style – 5 km classic and 5 km skate.  The morning race starts as an interval start, one or two skiers at a time, and the afternoon race is about two hours later with the start order and time based on your finish from the first race.

We are a combined girls and boys team and train on the challenging and well-maintained trails of Woodland Trails Park in Elk River, MN.