Information and Forms

Athlete Contact Information

Please fill out a form for each skier.  This will help us compile a email list: CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT A FORM

General Packet/Team Handout

  • It contains most of the topics we covered at the parent’s meeting including: equipment, clothing, lettering standards, and practice times. Most information will remain the same from year to year but, it is updated yearly so every season you will have current information.
  • General Packet/Team Handout: (Posted: 10/25/16)

Jacket Order Form

  • We have jackets that we order from Sporthill each year – these are not required! Students have the choice to order these jackets.  They have embroidery on the front with the athletes name.  The color for the embroidery is chosen by the athletes school they ski for at sections.  We also put in an order for wind briefs.  It gets cold outside.  Stay warm and stay happy!
  • Order forms are due Friday November 18th!
  • Embroidery Example: (posted 10/25/16)
  • Clothing Order Form: (posted 10/25/16)

Ski Swaps

  • The file is the flyer that we passed out at the meeting.  It has the main ski swaps in the area.  For a detailed list of all the ski swaps, check out
  • Ski Swaps: (Posted: 10/25/16)


  • Below you will find the event listings. It contains a listing of our meets and important events. Notice that the calendar starts the week on Mondays. All events are subject to change but it gives you a starting point for the season.
  • PDF Calendar from Parent Meeting (Posted: 10/25/16)
  • We will keep you updated on everything but this schedule is not the final say in things. It is a great guide to start with as a season overview, but in general, check the weekly practice schedule for the daily plan or you can also look at the google calendar for the main events.

Winter Trip

  • We will be heading to Camp Jorn again this year.  It is located in Northern Wisconsin not far from the UP border. We’ll be staying at a YMCA Camp and cooking our meals there. We’ll be skiing on the tremendous trails of Winter Park and some of the surrounding trails systems along with a long stop at the Birkie Trail on the return trip. It should be an awesome adventure and we invite the entire team to join us. This is some of the best time to train on snow and if it is possible for you to take advantage of the trip, you should do so.  Forms and money are due by Friday, December 16th. Please talk to coaches if you need more flexibility on the date.
  • Winter Trip General Info and Release Form: (Posted: 10/25/16)

Wax Tips

  • The wax tips handout gives you the general information you need to wax your skis. It has a step-by-step guide and can act as a refresher sheet for those of you that remember or as an instructional sheet for those that need a little help. Coaches are available to help you wax and our wax room will be open many days during the season so you can get your waxing done.  We will also be scheduling a wax clinic to be held during the first few weeks of the season.  If you are looking for something more visual and THOROUGH, and you have a little time on your hands – check out the Swix School – all you wanted to know, and more, on waxing for every condition.
  • Wax Tips: (Posted: 11/01/09)

Basic Ski Fit

  • Finding the correct ski fit is a tricky business. When you are investing several hundred dollars in equipment you should expect to have equipment that fits properly for your skier. The attachment is just a basic guideline for use at ski swaps when maybe there isn’t a way to get the skis fit properly. If you go to any ski shop to buy a pair of skis though, expect the sales people to take some time fitting the skis and making sure that that pair is perfect for your skier. You can not expect to just walk in the door and five minutes later walk out with a pair of skis. It takes time to get it right and it is worth the time investment. Again, the below attachment is just a basic guideline that will give you a ballpark range for ski fit. Each pair of skis has a slightly different stiffness so check each pair!
  • General Ski Fit, just to get an estimate: (Posted: 11/01/09)