A Few Flurries! Last few reminders…
Dec 262012

We are getting ready for this fantastic ski trip that is quickly approaching!! Make sure you check that packing list and don’t forget anything. Things to be sure to remember – a lunch – race suit – ski clothes (a few sets) – both boots – skis – poles – ski bag – sleeping bag – pillow – towel … check the list!!!

Also, we are still in need of several crock pots. If you have one that you can spare for a few days – we would really appreciate it! Please let coach K know if you are bringing one. Her phone number is on the info sheet you were given at practice.

Pack light, but don’t forget anything…it is not an easy task but you can do it!! (You might also want a blanket or something on the bus to be comfortable. Be at the school by 6:00 am – we’ll need your help loading and packing everything in the trailer! We pull out at 6:30 am!!! ;-) See you there!

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