Woodland Trails Work Day!! What a morning workout!!
Nov 172012

Trail work day tomorrow!! Noon at Woodland Trails, bring work tools and dress for outdoor work. We’ll meet you in the parking lot at Woodlands and clear some Buckthorn. Thanks to those who have signed up to come work – we still need some more people so if you can spare and hour or two – it would be a huge help to the park and trails!

Wild Turkey Wattle/Waddle – We are up to 84 people pre-registered as of this evening!!! That is our biggest group yet that has preregistered. With the weather looking fantastic and the word getting out, we might make it to 150 runners this year. That would be fantastic!! Remember to get people to register and sponsor you as that goes to your account for the winter trip. Thank you to all that have signed up to help with that day – it really makes a great impression on the community and helps put on a good image of the nordic team for the community. If you can still help out and haven’t signed up with Coach K – talk to her on Monday and we’ll find a spot for you. Also, a huge thanks to those that have signed up to bring treats to feed our runners – that is awesome! We’d still like to have some hot water available for hot cocoa at the end of the race so if that is something that you can contribute – let us know. We’ll have some large 5-gal Gatorade jugs that hot water can go it – it should last for the whole race once it is heated up!

Finally for tonight – a little bit of a disappointing end to the week… After a simply wonderful 4 days – Friday’s practice was low on attendance. We practice M-F with Saturdays starting in December. Several skiers talked to the coaches about missing practice but not everyone that was missing. As a member of the ski team – you are expected to attend practice and support the team fully – at each, and every practice. We understand that things come up; sickness, trips, school projects… but you’ve made a commitment to the team also. Make sure you are communicating with the coaches if you are unable to attend practice, and make sure that you have committed to the team. We need you all and we are so impressed with what we saw starting this week – keep on!! We’ll see you tomorrow at Woodlands for the trail work or on Monday at practice. Check the practice schedule to find out what is coming this week! Thank you!!

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