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Nov 142012

A message from the team:

Hello everyone!

On Sunday, November 18, there will be trail maintenance at Woodland Trails at 12:00. We will be cutting down an invasive species called buckthorn. Buckthorn is extremely detrimental to the local environment and thus Woodland Trails. It is very important that we take care of these trails as they are some of the best ski trails in Minnesota. We also use these trails extensively, for free, as a team and we do owe the trails something for this. We need around 20  volunteers for this job and also four adult volunteers. Everyone should either bring some sort of hand saw or bush clippers, if you could bring multiple sets that would be much appreciated. Wear clothes for the weather and the project. I would suggest a jacket, jeans, and gloves to protect you from thorny plants in the woods and for warmth. We do not want anyone to get hypothermia and die so dress warm. If you have any questions about this project or volunteering, please talk to Breck Hickman, Ryan Trapp, Joey Martin, Nate Webster, or any of the coaches. We hope to see you out there Sunday!  There will be a registration form at practice Thursday and Friday.

More information on invasive species and Buckthorn:

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