Preseason Meeting First Day!!
Nov 052012

What a fantastic turnout tonight! Thank you for all your great questions and for your time tonight. I know that we probably overwhelmed some of you first year ski parents – don’t worry! It will get easier and your kids are going to have a wonderful experience this year. Before you know it you will be an old pro at this new sport.  If you have questions, e-mail Coach K, or call, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.

As far as things to do:

  • Turn in forms/fees to the office by Monday, 11/12, so that you can practice on the first day
  • Have tennis shoes and clothes for working out outdoors for Monday
  • Get plenty of sleep, eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water!

Priority of equipment:

  • Dryland training on feet – shoes and clothing along with hat and gloves (optional – poles for hiking, armpit height)
  • Dryland training on wheels – boots (sns binding), helmet (optional – rollerskis, poles)
  • Snow – boots (sns binding), clothing, (optional – skis and poles, classic and or skate)

If you are able to look into skis this year – the priority would be for classic skis as those are more specific to get the proper fit for.  As for poles – skate would be the smartest purchase first – they are taller poles and should be able to be used for several years.  If you  are looking for skate poles, they should be around the height of your nose or upper lip.  If you are looking for classic poles, they should be around the top of your shoulder to bottom of your chin.  The ski swaps are this Saturday and next Saturday so check into that info if you are going to try and get some equipment that way.  We will also have a team night at Pioneer Midwest on Monday the 19th after practice.  Coaches will be on hand to answer questions and we’ll have a wax demo by one of the Swix reps to refresh/teach you how to wax your skis.  Pioneer provides pizza for the team and has extra people on hand if you are still looking for equipment/clothing – it is a chance to get a look around, spend some time with the team, and learn how to wax (or just remember how to wax).  No pressure for any purchases.

It was a pleasure to see you all – we’ll work on meeting you as the season goes on.  Thank you for coming and we are excited for another great season!  See you on Monday!

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