Trail Workday – CANCELED!! Tree Planting!!!
Mar 092012

Please RSVP to Laura C. with your numbers and what you are bringing. We need to make sure there is enough food and plates and silverware and such to feed all the skiers and families! If you don’t have Laura’s number, it is on the banquet form that you received or it is on the form linked below.

It is not formal attire but we do try to dress up a little as we are recognizing the accomplishments you have made through out the season.  We’ll look forward to seeing you all looking dapper and we’ll make sure to take pictures of you all looking so good!  If you have any questions, contact a captain or Coach K and they should be able to help you. But most importantly – please RSVP to Laura C. ASAP!! Are there enough letters for you?  Enjoy the beautiful weekend weather!!  We’ll see you Sunday at the ERHS commons.  Door will open at 5:00, dinner will start at 5:30pm.  Oh – it’s daylight savings time this weekend – clocks go forward one hour on Saturday evening – Don’t forget!!

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