Whoops! Trail Maintenance
Nov 252009

Wow! We’ve got to start with a congrats to the team for this morning’s practice. 39! (counting 2 returning graduates!) Great numbers, great work, and hopefully a GREAT breakfast afterward. Well done group!

The Wild Turkey Wattle is tomorrow so make sure that your people have registered and are ready to go. We are unsure of the numbers that are coming – skinnyski did post a link so we may have a few more people coming through that. Workers – we’ll need you there at 7:15 to help us get set up and positioned, you’ll be out of there by 9:30 (or earlier if need be) Thanks in advance! Also, if people are able, could we have a few of you bring a dozen or so cookies/bars/treats or a jug of apple juice/cider for after the race? Nothing fancy and this is short notice so if you are able…call or drop Coach K an e-mail.

What else?? We’ll find out as we go…fun – fun – fun! See you bright and early again tomorrow (dress warm, should be a great day!). Oh – enjoy your Turkey Day and eat up!

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