Banquet Info! First Registration!
Feb 292012

Yes, it has happened! Please be careful with your day off, roads are a bit treacherous so be advised to take care. On to the additional good news! The trails will have snow on them! Woodland Trails will have ski-able snow at some point here! The groomers will not be able to head out right away though because the snow is so wet. Give them a bit of time so we can have that snow set up nicely.  It should be some fantastic skiing!

On that note – we are hoping to hold our citizen race on Saturday…yes – this Saturday!!  Pass the word to the other skiers so all are aware.  We’ll be getting you more info as the storm shakes out a bit.  Registration is available here. So you can pass that along and we will keep you updated as we see the final conditions and the groomers are able to get out.  We’ll need a few people to help on Friday after school in Coach K’s room to get things set and we’ll need quite a bit of help on Saturday morning.  Races will start at 10:00 am, we’ll need help starting around 8:15am until around 12:30.  We’ll also be looking for treats to have on hand.  We talked to Diamond City in anticipation of this so we have donations from them.  We’ll need bars, cookies, brownies, apple/orange slices, hot water for hot cocoa, chicken broth(if possible), and water.  If you are able to use some of your time today to help out with that, it would be fantastic – let Coach K know today or stop by her room tomorrow.  Be aware though: we are still tentative until the grooming shakes out and we see the final totals of snow and look at the weather temps the next couple days.  Thank you so much in advance for all your help – and yes!! Of course you can race also, we just need enough people on hand to help with timing during the race and if you choose to race, you can help with food, equipment set-up, registration, trail marking…plenty of things going on before the race to help with so you can still race!  We’ll let you know for sure as soon as we know but it might not be until this afternoon/tonight.

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