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Feb 232012

This past Wednesday we had our trail work day. We got done some really great work but our efforts were limited by the number of skier that came. In all just five athletes came to work on the trails. We were a bit disappointed in the turnout as it seems we are taking one of our greatest assets for granted. The maintenance crew would like to schedule another work day for Monday March 5th from 3:00-5:00 (Meet at woodland parking lot carpool to worksite). It would be a huge impact to have Elk River Nordic skiers at the trail clearing as we are THE main group that makes use of the trail system.  If Monday does not work, the grooming crew does trail work on weekends and would be happy to have extra help. They have been out most Saturday and Sunday mornings this winter. They will continue to work on the trails at regular intervals (contact danderson@cretexinc.com).

Even though we did not get to make good use of it this winter, we are fortunate to have one of the top trail systems in the metro area(state) in our back yard. These trails are absolutely key to our success and give us a substantial advantage over our competition. We are the primary users of these trails, and as such we need to at least take the time to understand all the work that goes into their creation and maintenance. Nearly everything that gets done out at woodlands is done by volunteers, we need to help as well. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, feel free to bring your parents(and friends) if they are available.

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