Elm Today… Nordic Making the News
Jan 282012

What great weather this morning to head out for a ski! Hopefully you were all able to get out and enjoy it. Looking ahead to this coming week – Mother Nature is just not on our side this season. We have warm temps projected and no snow in the forecast so we will continue to be relying on what we can find in the few areas around us.

With Conference and Section Races coming up the next two weeks our focus shifts a little to those events. JV skiers – you still have one or two races coming up so you need to keep those skis moving as much as possible. When we are able to squeeze in some practice time on snow – we want you to join us!!! Some of the other days though we’ll be giving you workouts to do on your own again so you can get on snow. We are sorry for the horrendous snow conditions this year – you are all troopers for how hard you have been working and for how accommodating you have been with the difficult conditions. If you are a first year skier this year – it can only get better from here, because next year we’ll have to have snow!

So – for this week: Monday is a rest day for the conference skiers and alternates. You’ll need to wax your skis with the base wax we determine but otherwise focus on staying fresh and drinking fluids. Tuesday we need to get you out for a warm-up, some starts/quick speed, and cool down. We need to be on snow though. We might be waiting until conference races are over at Elm and starting after that. We’ll talk on Monday. Wednesday is go day. Load at the high school at 7:30. We’ll head over and go from there, it should be a great day. We’ll discuss Thursday and Friday as the week progress. Right now we were able to get on the practice list at Wirth for Friday but they have moved all Loppet events to Wirth for the weekend. They may or may not allow things at Wirth Friday in prep for the weekend events, we’ll find out as the week progresses. We’ll also be working on getting down there on Monday as Tuesday/Wednesday will not be options but we’ll let you know about that later this week.

Parents!!! It is that time of year again – we are waxing skis on Tuesday night at the Riebel’s. We have a lot of skis to get through and waxing will be important with the projected weather. We’ll be hoping to get started around 4:30 but you can join us at any time. We can definately use any help that you have to give. If you don’t know how to wax – guess what? We’ll teach you!! We are friendly folk just looking to make some skis really fast. Come on over and help – or watch and cheer us on! Call or ask for directions, all are welcome!

Wednesday’s Conference Schedule:

  • 7:30 am  Bus Load at ERHS
  • 10:00 am  Boys Skate
  • 11:00 am  Girls Skate
  • 1:30 pm  Boys Classic (pursuit start)
  • 2:30 pm  Girls Classic (pursuit start)

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