Day 2: Lots of Skiing!! Day 3 Pictures and some Video
Dec 292011
Well folks – tonight is our last night here.  I know our kids are pretty exhausted and have been almost skied out.  We’ll ski for a few more hours tomorrow and then head home after a late lunch.  Just a reminder parents – your skiers are tired after all the skiing – they would love to tell you all about the trip but they probably won’t want to answer questions on the way home.  They’ll need some dinner and then a nice long sleep and then maybe they will be ready to share some of their crazy stories.  Just an observation from previous years.  They have been surrounded by 70+ people in tight quarters and been on their best behavior…patience is key once they return home.  Thanks for sharing your kids with us, they have been great!!
We had our time trial today and it was quite the events with classic in the morning and skate (with a pursuit ordered start) in the afternoon.  We kept the kids busy and skiing and they looked great out on the course.  We were able to see some great things with both the boys and girls teams and are excitedly looking forward to the future events coming up for our skiers.  Results are posted below, we are still working on uploading pictures and we’ll get those linked up after they have a chance to load.  Have a great night!  We’ll see you at home tomorrow evening.

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