Day 1: Check Day 3: Fresh Snow and Racing!
Dec 282011

Wow – Half way through the trip already, how can that be the case?!  We had decent skiing again and with the additional snow last night.  ABR could still really use some more snow but we’ll settle for what they have.  There are a few spots that are a little low on snow but overall we are pretty lucky to be on snow considering where other teams are at.  We skied for about 3-3.5 hours of classic this morning and then had a wonderful lunch - sandwiches, baked potatoes and a fantastic chili provided by the Websters – that really was the hit!!  Thank you Websters!!  Lunch was followed by an additional 3 hours of skate skiing so we have some tired kids here tonight.  Tacos were for dinner and they are now playing a huge game of spoons and some strange orange throwing game – while the oranges may have been harmed in the game – none were wasted and all were enjoyed!

Tomorrow we have another long day but there is also some racing on tap with a pursuit format with our team.  We’ll be starting with classic in the morning some extra cool down km and then skate in the afternoon.  Should be an exciting, challenging and very tiring day!

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