Holiday Spirit! Day 2: Lots of Skiing!!
Dec 272011

Well, we found snow.  Finally.  About 20 mins from ABR there is nothing, and then slowly…ever so slowly snow started to show up on the ground…and – there was enough to ski on.  It wasn’t the usual conditions that we have in Ironwood but with the minimal snow coverage we have anywhere else, we are grateful for what is available.  The snow was falling all afternoon and while the wind was a bit blustery, the skiing was reasonable.  We are hoping for a bit of grooming to chew up the snow a bit and then in might be pretty good skiing.

We pulled into camp pretty close to 5:30 and dinner was well on it’s way thanks to the alumni group.  The trailer was quickly unpacked with all the hands we had and then dinner was on.  Lasagna, salad and Diamond City bread – mmmm, excellent and they sure ate a bit!  They have settled into their rooms, most of them have had showers and they are now entertaining themselves with games – tag it looks like… apparently we need to ski harder tomorrow.  We are in the process of uploading a few pictures so we’ll get those linked up shortly.

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