Racing? Finally!! Race Day Tuesday!!
Dec 182011

A huge congrats to our racers yesterday – we had some great showings and some really exciting events. We also want to say thanks to all the parents that came out to support their skiers and the team, thank you!! So, with that – let’s get to the results. We skied at Trollhollow (the nordic side of Trollhaugen), a two lap (3.2km) leg for each relay skier. We had six teams out there, 3 girls and 3 boys teams, one classic team for each and two skate teams. The morning started with the girls classic races so we’ll start with that as well:

Girls Classic: 25th out of 39 with a time of 0:59:41

  • 52 Maggie Hohlen (9)  0:13:04
  • 86 Emma Crane (9)  0:14:26
  • 107 Ellie Hudson (9)  0:15:30
  • 131 Annie Gatzke (10)  0:16:41

Boys Classic: 27th out of 37 with a time of 0:47:54

  • 97 Ryan Shaw (10)  0:11:50
  • 99 Ryan Trapp (12)  0:11:53
  • 100 Alex Hickman (12)  0:11:54
  • 110 Blake Thompson (12)  0:12:17

Girls Skate: 10th out of 56 teams with a time of 0:46:21

  • 32 Anna Haugen (11)   0:11:16
  • 41 Reece Hickman (9)   0:11:34
  • 43 Mary Elmquist (11)   0:11:35
  • 57 Mallory Adams (10)   0:11:56

Girls Skate 2: 40 out of 56 teams with a time of 0:61:54

147 Brittney Dorn (9)
Elk River B
  • 147 Brittney Dorn (9) Elk River B 0:14:32
  • 155 Tessa Lasserre (9) Elk River B 0:14:50
  • 188 Kelly Edwards (12) Elk River B 0:15:42
  • 200 Kailey Erdahl (10) Elk River B 0:16:50

Boys Skate: 5th out of 53 teams with a time of 0:37:33

  • 8 Jake Schroeder (11)   0:08:45
  • 16 Breck Hickman (10)   0:09:18
  • 31 Max Riebel (12)  0:09:39
  • 38 Nate Webster (11)  0:09:51

Boys Skate 2: 24 out of 53 teams with a time of 0:45:02

  • 53 Joey Martin (10) Elk River B 0:10:11
  • 104 Matt Vrchota (9) Elk River B 0:11:14
  • 120 Ben Vrchota (10) Elk River B 0:11:36
  • 139 Peyton Riebel (8) Elk River B 0:12:01

We had a few casualties during the day – a couple falls with the tight quarters, a broken pole in the boys skate race and a new suit with a slight tear… We also saw some great corners, excellent hills, great tag offs, powerful quick starts and some great skiing – it was a fantastic and wonderful day of racing.  We want to extend an extra hearty congrats to Jake Schroeder who placed 8th overall in the boys skate and earned a medal – we’ll get pictures up shortly.  Congrats teams!!  Full Results Here.

Now, for this week – if you skied Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – you have Monday off from practice.  The wax room will be open at 2:30 and you can wax for the meet on Tuesday.  If you were not able to ski Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will have practice for you on Monday and the wax room will be open after practice for you to wax.  And yes, the rumor is true – we do have our meet on Tuesday!!  It will be at Elm Creek, with the entire conference…yes, it will be busy.  It sounds like it will be a two loop course with younger, newer skiers having the options of skiing one loop.  We don’t know the time schedule yet but we’ll get that out to you as soon as we get it.  First races will start at 3:30 though.  Your skiers will be getting out of school early, times and information are below.  Look forward to seeing you out there, this is a great venue for spectators to see your skiers several times (one of the few places that you can do so).

  • Salk and Vandenberge: Out at 1:05 – Salk kids will be picked up and brought to the High School, Vandenberge skiers will walk over to the HS.
  • Zimmerman: Out at 12:55 – Zimmerman kids will get picked up and brought to the high school to change.
  • ER High School: Out at 1:15 – get down and changed, the bus should be there and we’ll take off.
  • Rogers HS: Out at 1:40, get out, and we’ll pick you up at RHS, make sure you have your uniform, skis, boots and everything with you on Monday night – we’ll pick you up on the way to Elm.

Each school will get an e-mail clearance for the skiers but parents of middle school skiers should send a letter with their skier so they have final clearance to leave.  We will get more details out as we learn them.  See you on the snow!

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