Team Night Tomorrow! Thank You!
Nov 192011

As I write this, Newton and I are curled up by the window.  He is tearing the fuzz off of a tennis ball while I am enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, both of us are watching the snow fall outside.  Any snow coming down in November is a good sign for a ski team.  Yes, it may hit 50 later this week – but for right now, we won’t think about that.  Enjoy the beautiful sight of the snowfall.  Enjoy the way the flakes dance down from the sky.  Enjoy the way they pile on your deck and driveway, just waiting to be cleared off.  Skiers – if your parents want their driveway shoveled, help them out, it would be great conditioning for you!

Well, enjoy it while it is here.  It looks like the next storm won’t be until December so we’ll have another week+ to work dryland.  Elm Creek is working on their man-made snow loop so we’ll let you know when that opens.  Keep looking for that but it is not anticipated until after Thanksgiving a bit.  I know they were hoping for the first week in December if the weather held on with cold temps.

If we do end up getting a few (or several) more inches and you have a pair of old rock skis…you could check out some of the grassy sections that have nice snow cover.  Just take some pictures too – it doesn’t happen often that you can be skiing Nov. 19th around here.  If you just picked up new skis – don’t you even dare think about it!!

Enjoy your weekend!  It was wonderful to meet so many parents last night at Pioneer Midwest’s Team Night.  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet more of you as the season goes on.

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