And We’re Off!!!
So Close! Blown in the Wind!
Nov 142011

The first day of practice has come and gone – and wow – what a day! I looks like we are going to have another great season with great turnout, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the snow to come. The skiers did a great job today of keeping moving and paying attention through practice. We started with a bit of conditioning, moved on to some small group work on names and drills, and finished up with the infamous 4-ball soccer.

A couple tidbits to remember -

  • Get ALL paperwork, forms, fees and physicals turned in to the office IMMEDIATELY!!  You can not practice with us until all your forms and things are turned in.
  • It is getting colder out – shorts are NOT acceptable for practice.  You need to have wind pants or some type of pants to help keep your muscles warm.  Also, as many of you found out today, fingers get cold easily – gloves are important – along with a hat/headband/or earmuffs.  Be prepared and be dresses appropriately!  Layers, layers, layers!!!
  • Clothing orders are due on Friday.  If you need a form check in the locker room or with a captain.
  • Team night at Pioneer Midwest is on Friday so be ready for that.  They will provide a pizza dinner and go over waxing techniques along with having extra staff on hand that night.  They are also getting a new shipment of combi skis in so if you were looking for a pair on Saturday and they ran out, they should have new stock in on Friday.  There is no pressure to make purchases but if you have questions, coaches will be on hand and it gives you a price comparison before the big swap down at Dunwoody on Saturday.

If you have questions – please contact a coach.  Thanks for a great start to the season!!  Congrats on a great practice!!

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