No Morning Practice Winter Trip Packing List
Dec 212010

It doesn’t get much better than this – Our third meet of the year will be at home, our very own Woodland Trails! There will be three courses based on your experience level and readiness to race a particular course.

  • The 7.4km loop will head out all the way to Top of the World hitting the Pin and Gravity Box on the way out. On the way back you will quickly pass through Maple Hill, Peeper and also explore Scouring Rush Run – It will be pretty fantastic!! Once crossing the grade you’ll take the outside of North Mickey and then the shortcut back avoiding the Prairie Loop. Challenging? Yes! Fun? Yes!
  • The 5km loop will head up to The X and do the Pin and Gravity Box on the way out. Coming back you’ll do Maple and Peeper and then head to the grade by way of the biathlon cut through, from there you’ll do outside of North Mickey and cut off the Prairie like the 7km course.
  • The 3km Course will take you around the inner trails of Woodlands and stay on the gently rolling sections including North Mickey and the outer ring on Prairie.

It should be a great day! Elk River High School will NOT get out early but you will need to hurry and change right away and jump on the bus!  Zimmerman, you will be released at 1:40, Salk and Vandenberg will get out at 1:55 (Salk will have a bus pick you up), Rogers will be released at 1:45.

Race Schedule – Is tentative:

  • 3:30  Boys 5km
  • 3:35  Girls 5km
  • 3:45  Boys 7.5km
  • 3:50  Girls 7.5km
  • 4:00  Boys 3km
  • 4:05  Girls 3km

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