Lots of changes, crazy weather
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Jan 282019

Hi everyone,

We have certainly had a crazy stretch the last few days, with Conference being moved/changed twice, and the now bitter cold which has closed school for the next two days. Thanks to everyone for being flexible as we try and figure everything out. With that being said, Friday at Baker is the final change for the race. It will not be pushed to next week as it would interfere with Section races. Friday’s weather looks to be good, with highs in the teens after starting out around zero degrees in the morning. The time schedule is the same as it was for Monday, the second time. That is Boys skate at 10:30, Girls Skate at 11:30, Boys Classic Pursuit at 2, and Girls Classic Pursuit at 3. It should be a great day to race!

For the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather i too cold for school, and also for skiing. Wind chills will be below safe levels. We recommend that you do try and get some sort of physical activity in if you are able. Most likely this would be running on a treadmill,  or riding a stationary bike. You should try and do 30-45 minutes each day to keep your fitness up.

Thursday we will hopefully be back to somewhat normal. We are planning on having practice at ERHS and doing our normal pre-race workout. A short 30 minute ski with 5-6 pickups to race pace to end the ski. We will be at Woodland Trails. Forecasted highs are for around -3 to -5 degrees, but not windy. Dress warm, and we will be in and out of the cold weather quickly.

Friday is all day at Baker for the Conference. Bus leave times will be at 7:00 am from ERHS.

That’s it for now. We will continue to keep you updated on anything skiing related. We will also send out an email with more conference information including parking and spectator info.



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