Updated schedule for next couple weeks
Jan 14-19 Release times for the races this week
Jan 162019

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on our practices this weekend and into next week.

Meet on Thursday at Theodore Wirth. 5k Classic. Start times Boys at 3:30, Girls at 3:50. We will do two laps of the flatter side of Wirth.

Leave times are as follows.

کتابخانه تاریخ ما

کتابخانه تاریخ ما

Zimmerman 1:00, bus leaves 1:10

Salk/Vandenberg 1:05, walk to High school, leave at 1:30

ERHS: 1:15, leave at 1:30

Rogers HS: 1:35, leave at 1:50

For Friday we will have practice on your own. If you have a ski pass you can go to elm creek. Since we have the early release, the trails should be relatively empty until 2:45, when the other teams get there. You can choose to do classic or skate. Go for a 60-70 minute easy ski. There is no practice at the school on Friday. If you are unable to ski, please go for a 30-45 minute run.

Saturday: We will have practice at Mora again. The kids who went last week had a lot of fun, and we will do it again this week. It is supposed to be very cold on Saturday morning, so we are hosting practice later, in the warmest part of the day. We will meet at ERHS at Noon, and leave shortly after, that should put up up at Mora by 1:15. We will classic ski. The workout is a warmup followed by a series of shorter intervals. Depending on loops, likely around 1-2 minutes in length, focusing on turnover and double pole. We will end with a cooldown. We should be home by around 4:00 to 4:30. Please bring snacks and change of clothes with you for after the ski.

Next week: Monday. There is no school, and we plan on going down to Theodore Wirth to practice and preview for the Conference and Section Meets. If you are shooting for a spot on the conference or section team, we strongly encourage you to attend. Time TBD, likely mid morning. There will be a trail pass fee, we are working on getting a discounted rate for high school.

Also, two races next week, Thursday we are looking to move the Woodland meet to Mora, and then have the meet Friday at Elm Creek. We know this is also finals week. Please talk to your teachers to let them know you will be missing school these days, likely, last hour. Be proactive and schedule another time to take the test if you need to. Before school works well, or after school earlier in the week. The most important thing is letting your teachers know before the day of test.

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