Winter thaw and change of plans
Weekly update Jan 14-19
Jan 082019

Hello all,

With the recent thaw on Monday, the trails are un-skiable at Woodlands until we get more snow. Even an inch or two would get us skiing out there again, as the trail is covered in a layer of ice, not bare ground. The alternative plan for the week is as follows.

Tomorrow: Race at Hyland as planned. 5k skate, girls at 4:00, boys at 4:30

Release times: Zimmerman: 1:05, bus leaves 1:15

Salk/Vandenberg: 1:10, walk to ERHS bus leaves 1:35

ERHS: 1:20 bus leaves 1:35

Rogers HS: 1:40 bus leaves 1:55

Thursday: Practice at Elm Creek at 6:15-7:45. Classic, focus on striding and kick-double pole. We will work with small groups. We have 2 vans for those who can’t drive.

Friday: Practice at Elm Creek at 2:45-4:30. Classic intervals. 1k intervals from the bottom of the wall, up the bypass and around the donut, finish over the top. 1 k active recovery back to where you started. Skip the 0.5k section on the lower end. For varsity boys, 5-6 intervals. For Varsity girls and jv, 4-5. For some beginners we will do shorter intervals. We will have 2 vans for this practice too. One at 2:45 for High school and one for middle school at 3:15.

Saturday: We will go ski at Mora Vasaloppet trails, about 70-75 minutes away. We are hoping to reserve the same two vans for this as well. Meet and leave ERHS at 8 am. We will do a distance skate ski of 20-25k. Stop for lunch on the way home.

Thanks to everyone for the flexibility and great attitudes this year with the low snow. It’s gone a long way to the success we have had so far. Lets keep up the good work the second half of the year. It should be a great one!

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