Winter Break update, plus meet tomorrow, weekly plan
Winter Trip Update! Weekly update
Jan 012019

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a good winter break. I know that our team trip to Michigan/Wisconsin went very well. Thanks to all the parents who helped out.

This week we have two races, one for everyone at Hyland on Wednesday (Classic), and the second race for varsity only this weekend at Giants Ridge. (Mesabi)

Here is our schedule for Wednesday at Hyland.

Girls 5k at 4:00, Boys at 4:30. 2.5k option for skiers as well. 20 second intervals, one skier from each team.

Leave times are as follows.

Zimmerman gets out at 1:05, bus leaves at 1:15

Salk/Vandenberg gets out at 1:10, walk to High School to catch bus at 1:35

ERHS, gets out at 1:20, bus leaves at 1:35

Rogers HS, gets out at 1:40, bus leaves 1:55

Then head to Hyland for meet, return to Elk River around 6:30-7 depending on traffic.

On Thursday we will practice at Woodland Trails in Elk River! We finally have enough snow to ski there and we are very excited! We will be skating as there is not enough snow for classic tracks yet.

On Friday we leave for Giants Ridge and the Mesabi Invite. We will leave after school about 3-3:30 and drive up to stay at Ring-Jarvi’s cabin. (former Elk River coach) We will stay overnight there and come home Saturday night after our races. We have permission slips and a cost for entry fee and lodging which will be handed out Wednesday. The meet is for top 6 from each team who are able to go. Entries are final as they were submitted yesterday. Here is who is going.

Rogers Boys Skate: Ethan, Tyler, Joey R.   Classic: Alex H., Andy, Hayden

Rogers Girls Skate: Anna, Elise, Ella

ER/Zim Boys Skate: Jadon, Lucas, Matthew    Classic: Eliott, Miles, Cameron

ER/Zim Girls Skate: Annica, Ilie, Sophie R.       Classic: Cheresa, Katelyn, Micah

No organized practice Friday or Saturday for those not racing at Measbi. Please ski on your own at Woodland Trails or elsewhere. The more time on skis the better, especially for first year skiers. Ski time on snow is the most important factor in improvement of skiing.

Should be a great week of skiing!

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