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Dec 062018

We did very well at the race yesterday! Congrats to everyone. Results are on skinnyski, and while there aren’t any team scores, only by grade level, it looks like boys got 2nd and girls 4th.

Some quick highlights. Top finishers overall. Ethan 3rd, Tyler 6th, Jadon 8th, and Lucas 15th. For the girls, Cheresa 5th, Annica 12th.

Top 5’s for age group. Micale 2nd and Reid 3rd for 7th grade. Elliot 4th for 8th grade, Andy 4th for 9th grade, Alex 2nd for 10th grade. Jadon 3rd for 11th, and Ethan 2nd and Tyler 4th for Seniors.

Girls Olivia 1st! for 7th grade, Lauren 3rd, Maja 4th and Laura 5th, Ilie 3rd for 10th grade, and Cheresa 4th for Seniors.

Congrats again to everyone!

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