Practice Plan for Wednesday Leave times for meet
Dec 022018

Hello Skiers and Parents,

We have been having a great start to the season so far. We’ve had great success in our new skiers learning how to ski, and all of our returning athletes look much improved. We are very much looking forward to seeing how they do in our races.

While the weather is cold and getting snowier, we don’t yet have enough snow at Woodland Trails to ski yet. The trails have been packed once, and have about 1-2 inches of snow and lots of debris on them. They need another 2-3 inches so we can start practice out there. We appreciate all of your patience and enthusiasm for the season as we wait for better snow conditions close to home. In the meantime, we have practice times at Elm Creek this week again, and also a race at Hyland in Bloomington!

We will be at Elm Creek Monday 2:45-4:30, Thursday 6:15-7:45, and Friday 2:45-4:30. Hopefully this will be our last week with travel, as we understand the difficulties with balancing the additional practice time with school, homework, and other activities. We are working on getting the vans all 3 days, like last week.

The race at Hyland is on Wednesday starting at 4PM.  I know that isn’t a great day, with many of you having church activities on Wednesday. We won’t be back until likely 6:45, so if you need to pick up your kids from the race at Hyland, please do. Just remember they must be signed out with the coaches. We are excited for the race, and look forward to competing!

For more details on the weeks practices see the weekly practice schedule tab. Have a great week!

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