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Nov 272018

We have reserved 2 of the district vans for Wednesday to bring kids down to Elm Creek to ski. This is great! We should be able to get everyone on snow to learn how to ski! We will be skate skiing. The two vans should hold 8 kids each, or 16 total. We plan on having one van for the younger high school kids, and one for the middle school kids. The rest of you should be able to carpool down and meet us there.

The first van plans on leaving at 2:45 at the latest and taking 8 of the younger high schoolers.

The second van plans on leaving with middle school around 3:15 at the latest.

Coaches will drive and bring the kids back to school. Vans should get back to school around 5:15.

If you can carpool, please do, so we have room for everyone who cannot.

There will be no practice at Elk River HS Wednesday, we will all be going to Elm Creek. Parents, you can pick up kids back at school around 5:15-5:30, or you can pick up at Elm Creek around 4:45.

Thanks for your cooperation and flexibility as the season progresses. We have lots of new skiers who are very enthusiastic and showing lots of early talent!

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