End of Year Festivities On TV?
Feb 152010

Okay – Photos have been uploaded and are linked from the photos tab above. Feel free to copy and print any of them. We’ll have a few more coming in from parents and skiers but for now, this is what there is time for. Now you can spend your time looking through them, there are only a few… ;-)   A huge thank you to Mama Bates for all the photos she added through the season!!  Please thank her!

As a reminder, we are looking for other pictures and video that might make it’s way to the end of year video. If you have any to share, put it on a jump drive or disk and get it to Coach K. Also, the music she listens to is pretty lame so if you’d like some of your own selections – put a disk together as a team and get that to her as well. See you Wednesday!

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