Week of Sections Woodlands Loppet
Feb 092018

This upcoming Monday we have the costume relays at Elm Creek. You can have teams of 2 or 4. Everyone skis one lap around the man made loop at Elm Creek.

The meet starts at 4:00 for Boys and 4:20 for Girls.

We will be leaving after school from ERHS at 2:45, just like a regular day of practice, so everybody get down to the locker rooms quick to change and grab your skis.

UPDATE: Rogers middle school you will get out at 2:45, we will pick you up at 3 at Rogers high school, the normal spot, on the way to Elm Creek.  Salk will get out at 2:10, walk over to ERHS to get on the 2:45 bus.

It should be a lot of fun!

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