Winter Trip Information Second meet cancelled
Dec 072017

Since the weather is not fully cooperating we have had to alter the practice schedule, mostly to running and hill bounding workouts. There is still not enough snow to ski on, although we only need 2-3 more inches, and the roads are to icy and unsafe for rollerskiing.  The big news is the MN Nordic Ski Opener at Elm Creek on Saturday. It is an all day event, 9am-4pm. It is free admission and will be the first opportunity for some of us to ski on snow! We plan on going as a team after core. Here is the plan for Thursday-Sunday.

Thursday: Easy recovery run 30-45 minutes, prep skate skis for Saturday

Friday: Go for a run 45-60 minutes, prep  skate skis for Saturday

Saturday: Core 8am at High School, go to the MN Nordic Ski opener at Elm Creek. Long ski for returning athletes. First year skiers get their bearings. Here is the link to their webpage Nordic Ski Opener

Sunday: If you have an Elm Creek pass, or just want to purchase a daily pass, go ski easy here on your own, 30-60 minutes. The more time on snow the better!

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