Conference/JV Conference Practice this week
Jan 302017

Conference athletes: You should put one layer of wax on your skis, clean your skis and label both of your skis with your name.  We will be bringing your skis to the Lee household to wax a fast layer for you! Thank your parents and the volunteers :)

The conference meet in on Wednesday.  This is an all day meet.  The athletes will meet at ERHS at 6:50am to load the bus, bus leaves at 7:05am to pick up at RHS on the way to Theodore Wirth Park. The start area is down by the par 3 lot but parking is up by the main chalet – just walk down the sidewalk to get there.

Race Times

  • 10:00 Girls Classic
  • 11:00 Boys Classic
  • 1:30 Girls Skate
  • 2:30 Boys Skate
  • 3:30 Awards

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