Winter Trip Update Wax Prep for Winter Trip
Dec 202016

We are invited to an impromptu meet down at Hyland tomorrow 12/21. It is against Armstrong and possibly a few more teams. Races start at 3:30pm. Boys first and then girls.

Rogers athletes make sure to bring your gear home and with you to school tomorrow.  You will be picked up on the way to Hyland!

Dismissal Times

  • 12:50 Zimmerman is dimissed – picked up at 1:05pm by bus
  • 12:55 Saulk and Vandenberg dismissed – Saulk picked up at 1:10pm and Vandenberg walks over
  • 1:10 ERHS dismissed – bus is leaving at 1:30pm
  • 1:30 RHS dismissed – picked up on the way at 1:45pm

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