Welcome Back
Winter is coming Let it snow!
Nov 132016

Practice starts for returning skiers only on Monday at 2:40pm.  Plan on helping with gear but also going for a short workout.  Bring a hair dryer if you have one (to help with pole tips) and the poles you plan on rollerskiing with (skate length).

Practice start for all skiers on Tuesday.  High school start time is 2:45pm and middle school start time is 3:15pm.  Both will finish around 5pm.  This first week we might finish 10-15min earlier.  Plan on wearing layers – the weather is unpredictable and it gets colder when the sun starts to set.  As you are learning technique, there are times where you are standing still, plan for this and wear extra layers!  We will be rollerskiing on Wednesday, bring a helmet.

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