Roller Skis and Summer Training
Trail Cleaning and Banquet!! Play-dates and Rollerskis
Mar 142016

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the banquet last weekend!  It was a great season and despite the rough snow conditions, you all did a tremendous job.

Roller Skis:  As spring sports get underway and the weather keeps defying the norm – we wanted to get you thinking about your summer plans also.  If you are interested in ordering a pair of your own roller skis – the team is placing an order on Friday.  They are $225 including bindings and are a good deal for anyone looking to be focused this summer on training and improving.  If you are interested, contact Coach Anderson immediately so we can get you added to the list.  This is a discounted price since we are doing a team order so if you want to take advantage, please contact us soon.  Currently we have Jadon, Dylan, Addie and Noah H. on the list to get a pair.  If you haven’t turned in money for them yet – drop it off to Coach Martell at ERHS or Coach Litchy at RHS and we’ll get them ordered and delivered.  They usually arrive within 2 weeks of placing the order.  Replacement wheels and road tips are also available and if you are interested, we can check on pricing for you.  These wheels are extremely long lasting and we haven’t had to replace any yet in the 4 or 5 years we’ve been working with them.  Again – let Anderson/Litchy know immediately as the order will be placed on March 18th.

We will have roller skis available for rental through the school also, so you do not need to purchase a pair if you are not ready for that investment.  Because of the cost of replacing wheels and parts for the rollerskis, rental is $30 for the summer.  (Replacement wheels for the rollerskis we have run approximately $50/wheel!  One of the reasons we’ve switched brands…)  We will have rollerski checkout in May and will post that date on the web-site and announce at schools also.  Keep your ears open for that!

Summer Training: It is time to start thinking about summer training already!  Registrations are open at several of the training organizations.  Most of our kids have been working through EU (Endurance United) if they do a focused summer training.  The training is done at Elm Creek park for the most part and is the closest venue to Elk River/Rogers.  They have programs for 2, 3, 4 and 5 days a week and are flexible for what will work best for different athletes.  Yes, you can train for Cross Country and still train for Nordic!  It will give your legs a little less pounding and your body some good endurance work!  If two days a week seems like too much to work with along with your Cross Country training, contact them individually, they are usually very flexible to work with, they are trying to do what is best for the athlete.  (And remember, you do still need recovery days – 7 days a week of training is too much!!)  They do offer a team discount (10%) for registering in groups of 5+.  If you are interested, contact Captains Noah Adams or Lauren Lee as they are organizing the team list for the discount.

Also – the team will be hosting some roller ski meet ups during the summer.  These are free and are just a nice way to get in some training wit other people.  Most people signed up at the banquet if they were interested so their name/number was on a list but if you are still interested, again, contact the captains so they can get information out to you this summer.

If you have any questions – contact a coach or captain and we’ll help you out!  Again, rollerskis are being ordered Friday – get your order and money in ASAP!  If you are interested in Summer Training with EU, contact a captain so they can add you to the list and you can get your 10% discount.

(And no, no baby news yet…)

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