Trail Cleaning and Banquet!!
Buckthorn Event Roller Skis and Summer Training
Feb 252016

This Sunday!! Friends, family, anyone interested in using Woodland trails… We are a part of a buckthorn clean-up event on Sunday Feb 28th starting at 12:30 and going until the wood had been cut, cleaned and cleared!  Skiers, we need your attendance at this event.  We are the ones to use Woodland Trails the most (even if it’s a slow snow year) so please plan on attending if you are around!  We’ll have snacks and marshmallows to roast for afterward!

Next Sunday!!  Banquet Information! The banquet is coming up quickly, Sunday, March 6th- 5:00pm.  Set-up will be at 5:00pm and dinner will start promptly at 5:30pm.  The banquet is held in the Elk River High School Commons area and is a pot luck for the entire family.  We’ve assigned dishes by grade level so that we have enough food and a variety of food for everyone.  Please bring enough for around 15 people.

  • Middle School – beverages
  • Freshmen – Appetizers
  • Sophomores –  Main Dish
  • Juniors – Side Dish/Salad
  • Seniors – Dessert

Come and celebrate all your hard work this season and the great people that are part of our ski family!  We’ll see you all on Sunday, March 6th at 5:00pm!

If you didn’t get your equipment turned in at our turn-in day – please bring everything with to the banquet and arrive 15 mins early so we can check it in and get it stored properly.  If you still have a pair of team rollerskis – bring those in so we can check them over for safety and wear before getting them back on the road this summer.

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