Changes! Starting Line Up!!
Jan 292016

Monday: Pasta dinner at Beaver’s!  Picture day – have your uniform!  We will be staying at the high school and practicing from there or splitting the group.  The wax room will be open during practice.

Tuesday: We need parent help again to wax skis at the Lee residence!  We will start between 3:30-4pm and end once the skis are finished. Email or text a coach for the address.  We have far more skis this week!!  33 athletes x 2 pairs of skis – your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

All sections skiers need to clean their classic skis, and tape their kick zones.  Before Tuesday both classic and skate need to be waxed and clearly mark both skis with your names! Wax room will be open after practice on Friday/Monday.  Everyone will meet at 7am on Wednesday at Elk River to load and head down to Theodore Wirth Park.

Zimmerman Team:

  • Cheresa Bouley, Alex Karnes

Rogers Team:

  • Evan Huber, McKone Corkery, Ben Fife, Kenny Peterson, Dylan Brunetti, James Berg
  • Jenna Karls, Alyssa Dallman, Maddie Hansen, Lauren Polzin, Kaitlyn Benz, Anne Domanus, Maddie Erickson

Elk River Team:

  • Colin Webster, Aaron Ley, Bradley Beaver, Cory Warner, Noah Adams, Max Friese, Noah Haaf (Alternates: Lucas Gustafson, Jarod Gill)
  • Lydia Carr, Kaja Montplaisir, Lauren Lee, Taylor Nelson, Carli Vrchota, Sydney Redepenning, Addie Hohlen (Alternates: Annica Carr, Eva Bednarz)

Race Times:

  • 10:30am Girls 5k Classic
  • 11:30am Boys 5k Clasic
  • 1:40pm Girls Pursuit Skate
  • 2:30pm Boys Pursuit Skate

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