What an exciting day! Varsity Sections
Jan 282016

With the warm temps and deteriorating snow conditions – our Saturday ski at Wirth will have to change venues.  They have moved some citizen races to Wirth for the weekend and they will be taking up the trail system all day Saturday.  You could ski at Elm for a closer option but we feel it would be beneficial to continue to get you on hills Saturday, prior to Wednesday’s Section Meet.  If you are able – Varty will be at Hyland to ski some hills with you Saturday morning – same time, 9:00 am.  It is only about 10 mins further down the road from Wirth so travel time is about the same.  This would be a good time to get in a last practice with some hills before Wednesday.  If you aren’t able to get down that far, we would recommend Elm as a second choice option.  The trails at Woodland are deteriorating fast and the packed snow has become a little sketchy and will be even worse come Saturday.  Spread the word please, so that the rest of the team knows the change!  Bring your ski pass so you can ski for free!

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