Results and More! Varsity Conference
Jan 232016

All JV and alternates will ski at JV conference and get to pick either classic or skate.  The Varsity squad will come along as practice and to cheer on team members.

Dismissal Times:

  • Saulk and Vandenberg dismissed at 12:55 – Saulk will be picked up at 1:10 and Vandenberg walks over
  • Zimmerman dismissed at 12:45 and will be picked up at 1:00
  • ERHS will be dismissed at 1:10 and will leave school at 1:30
  • RHS and RMS you need to have your skis packed, with you and ready to go (or have a designated friend to get your skis) because you will be dismissed at 1:25 and picked up on our way to Wirth at 1:45pm. You should change and be ready for pick up. RMS will walk over to RHS for pick up.

Race Times

  • 3:30pm Boys Skate
  • 3:45pm Girls Classic
  • 4:05 Boys Classic
  • 4:20 Girls Skate

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