Tuesday’s Meet And the Weather Just Keeps Rolling…
Dec 162015

Do not be alarmed! That white stuff that fell from the sky last night – yes, that is that mythical snow that we have been talking about. That is the natural form of it. It is how it looks when it is not man-made from snow guns. It just falls from the sky like rain. We like it! It is a start but it in not nearly enough for us to ski on yet…but it will come.

So this has been a season of flexibility so far – a huge thank you to all the skiers and parents in being able to adjust to things as they are coming. We are waiting on more snow, we are waiting on colder weather, we are still training hard and preparing for racing…but we are waiting on the races.
They will come. A few updates that have happened over the night – there is a race on the horizon. There will be a race hosted at Trollhaugen on Saturday morning. It will be EARLY in the morning and will be a limited entry meet. We will only be able to take a varsity contingent of skiers to the event so we’ll be talking with those skiers today. They will only allow us to be on the snow at Trollhaugen to race from 7am – 9:30am so it will be an efficient event. 5 km skate. We will be bussing out there, the bus will leave by 5:00am (potentially earlier as we need to check timing on a few things) – yes, we know that is early. (Pack a blanket and breakfast for the bus ride over there.)

The schedule as of right now is:

  • 6:00 am - On snow practice time opens
  • 7:00 am – 5 km Girls Skate  (Course closes for inspection)
  • Rolling Start for the boys after the girls go out – 5 km Boys Skate
  • 9:10 am – Last racer on the course

We are waiting for more details to be finalized but that is the tentative plan.  We will talk to potential racers today and will be making adjustments to entries as needed.  Thank you for the flexibility.  Make sure you dress warm for practice the next few days – the temps will be colder (more in the normal range for MN).

We’ll get you more details as they come!

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