Think Snow
Trollhaugen Friday’s Meet
Nov 292015

Let me know if anyone would like to adopt the first meet.  Parents typically team up to adopt a meet, email, I put it on the calendar and then they bring food and recovery drinks for after the meet.  Typically: fruit like bananas and oranges, trail mix, tasty treats like banana bread or muffins, chocolate milk, and other variety foods.  The best options are a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates… but, any food is better than no food!  Thank you in advance for thinking about adopting a meet!

We are very excited to see some snow on the radar!!  Please be prepared for practice this week bringing both dryland and ski gear.  We will be on snow if there is more than a few inches!  Monday we plan on issuing skis to anyone who needs to rent them - bring $20 if you plan on renting skis (this can be turned in anytime this week).

The Wild Turkey Wattle was a success.  Thanks to all the families and skiers who helped make it such a great event!  We will know how much each skier raised by Wednesday but if you know that you are going on the winter trip please turn in the winter trip release form so that we can start to get a count.  Winter trip forms and money are due Friday December 11th. If you are interested in chaperoning the winter trip we need to know by Friday December 11th so that we can do a background check (if you are a new chaperone).  Tell any alumni interested to let one of the coaches know by December 11th as well.

We will be ordering Elm Creek passes this week.  This is an optional choice and gets you a season pass for the Three Rivers District for $32.50 per skier.  If there is not enough snow at Woodland we might go to Elm Creek on occasion and the daily rate is $8.00 per skier.  It is hard to predict snow conditions.  The money for Elm Creek passes is due on Thursday December 3rd. If you are writing a check please make it out to Elk River Nordic Ski Team.  Cash also works.

Saturday practice for the whole team (high schoolers only) starts this week.  We will meet at 7am at the high school (core inside) and then plan on skiing afterward.  New skiers please make an effort to attend because we will begin teaching classical skiing for the classic race next Wednesday!

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