What a work day!
We are underway! Happy Thanksgiving Break!
Nov 192015

You guys were awesome yesterday!!  The city was already out this morning to check out the piles and figure out what equipment they would need to move those piles!  They were impressed with all that you got done!  The note below is from them so please take a moment to read it and understand how important it is for us to give back to the trail system and the city.  Thanks for your hard work!!  We’ll get some pics up of your team later today.  (Hey – did you see the snow flying – it will come!)

From the Parks Superintendent:

I just wanted to say thanks to you and the Nordic Ski team.  They did an exceptional job out at Woodland Trails pulling the buckthorn and getting it to where we can access it with equipment.  It never ceases to amaze me what a large group of motivated youth can accomplish.  I just visited the park a few minutes ago to see what equipment we would need to move the piles and I was truly astonished at the amount they had piled up.  Please let all the kids know that we really do appreciate their help as we couldn’t have accomplished this without them.

If they are interested in doing it again, that would be outstanding as we still have a lot of buckthorn yet to clean up.  Please let me or Dave know if there is potential to do another hour or two sometime before the snow really starts to fly.

Again, thanks and also thank you to Dave for helping to organize this effort.

Tim Sevcik | Parks Superintendent

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