We are underway!
Rollerski Tips What a work day!
Nov 112015

The first couple days are under our belt and you all are doing great! We are impressed with all the new skiers we’ve seen and we are looking forward to seeing you on roller skis more and on real snow(as soon as it comes)!!

A few things we want to remind you about:

  • Clothing Orders are due on Wednesday, 11/18:  Sample sizes are in Anderson’s room to try on and will be down in the wax room later this week if needed.
  • Jacket Orders will also be due on Wednesday, 11/18:  Jackets are the same price as last year, $75.  They will take a couple weeks to embroider and ship but we will get them as quickly as possible.  We are hoping for the first week in December.
  • Hats and other appropriate clothes!: Temps are dropping, make sure you have layers to wear at practice.  It may start warm, but the temps will be dropping as practice goes on, that sun is setting all of practice.  Bring layers and add/remove as needed.  Today’s high was 52 with rain, tomorrow and Friday will be in the low 40’s.  Hats and gloves are also important to have on hand!
  • Rollerskis: All team rollerskis need to be returned to the wax room.  We still have several rollerskis that are out to skiers that rented them over the summer.  The Team needs them!  Remember them tomorrow, and don’t keep them in your locker!
  • Training Logs: Update them daily!  Don’t wait until the end of the week, you’ll forget information.  Update them daily, set a reminder on your phone, do something so that you don’t forget to fill them out.
  • Forms: Get any team forms turned in ASAP.  Including – athlete responsibility from or Winter Trip form
  • Have fun!  We’ll see you at practice tomorrow, thanks for a great start to the new season!

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