Congrats at Sections! Athlete of the Week!
Feb 072015

Monday JV Relays 2/09:

  • Zimmerman dismissed at 1:50 picked up at 2:05pm
  • Salk and Vandenberg dismissed at 2:00 Salk picked up at 2:15pm
  • ERHS dismissed at normal time leave at 2:30pm
  • RHS dismissed at normal time picked up at 2:45pm (have a plan for your skis ahead of time!)

4:00pm Girls Race, 4:30pm Boys Race – Relays of 4 x 2.5k or 2 x 5k of either technique

Tuesday 2/10:

Leave for coaches relays.  Athletes, make sure to print off and return the permission slip with $40.  As a fun celebration, athletes should bring something for a potluck dinner on Wednesday night after racing.  This is a fun event and there are always interesting foods! Don’t forget to pack a sleeping bag and pillow for Jarv’s cabin!

Tuesday 2/17: We will have our equipment and uniform return.  If you rented skis from the school please make sure that you attend! We will put summer wax on the skis before getting them into storage.  Please wash and bring your uniform on this day as well.

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