Trail Maintenance/Team Burn Conference Meets
Jan 182015

Nice job to Colin, Karl, Dan and Aaron for placing 4th at the ABC Relays on Saturday and Reece for racing at Telemark Skate placing 27th in the U18 age group!

Our snow is a little thin and so I recommend Elm Creek on Monday.  There can be no organized practices at Elm due to the holiday but the skiing will be better than at Woodlands.  If you ski at Woodlands be careful of thin patches where there is cement underneath.  Everyone should go for a long easy ski.  Level one.  JV should go for around and hour and Varsity should go for anywhere from 1-2hours depending on how you feel.   There is light snow in the forecast so Woodlands should be thin but fine for this week!

We have another spaghetti dinner hosted by the Mogan family on Tuesday at 6:00pm after practice! Thank you for hosting! Spaghetti dinner is at 19575 Elgin St, Elk River MN

As a reminder, Tuesday’s meet is canceled and Thursday is at Elm Creek (classic 5k).  Dismissal times are listed below:

  • Zimmerman dismissed at 12:40 pick up at 12:55
  • Salk and Vandenberg dismissed at 12:50 Salk picked up at 1:05
  • ERHS dismissed at 1:05 leave at 1:20
  • RHS dismissed at 1:20 picked up at 1:35 (have a plan for your skis ahead of time!)

Thank you to the Ley family for adopting the meet! Races will start at 3:30pm (not finalized yet, but likely same as before with boys at 3:30pm and girls at 4:00pm)

JV athletes have started their taper and while Varsity athletes are starting after the race this week. Taper is the time when athletes focus should be on recovering and re-energizing.  This means catching up on sleep along with cutting back on mileage.  I know that finals week can be stressful, but try to take care of yourselves this week!

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