Schedule Change Mesabi and this week
Dec 312014

We are back from the winter trip! Everyone needs to take 1-2 days minimum rest (mandatory).  If you are feeling under the weather, you could even take up to three days.  The conditions were beautiful and everyone worked hard and got lots of skiing in.  The trip wouldn’t have been possible without all the wonderful chaperone help – huge thank you to these families: Crane, Webster, Vrchota, Kallemeyn, Nelson, Studniski, Varty and Seymour.  The team appreciates all that you do!

Enjoy your break and rest up.  Make sure you are continuing to get sleep, fluids and take care of yourself.  We’ve had several skiers sick the past few weeks so make sure to be smart about taking care of yourself.   Scheduled practice will resume on Monday Jan 5th.  Woodland is thin but open for skiing – hope for some more snow.  Please get out and do some easy level one skiing or cross-training! This means you can hold a conversation and your breathing isn’t too heavy.  It’s not a level zero though, you should still sweat :)

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