First Week of Practice! First Day
Nov 102014

I am so excited to wake up to snow this morning! But, pretty bummed school was canceled.  We cannot formally practice as a team if school is canceled.  If you are a returning skier and would like to go out for a little cardio today, please take it easy (around 30-45min ski and core after).

Tomorrow we will be handing out skis and poles and getting out on the snow. Plan for skate skiing tomorrow and bring your boots! Dress in layers and bring dry clothes for after practice.

The helmets previously mentioned were for rollerskiing.  Since we won’t be rollerskiing anymore, you do not need to bring those tomorrow!  We will split into two groups.  One will be skiing and another will be doing cardio and core.  If you do not have boots yet, please bring your running shoes and both outdoor and indoor gear.  We do have a few sizes of rental boots to try for those of you who haven’t gotten a pair yet.

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