Conference Champ Cheresa! Informational Meeting
Oct 242014

This weekend Kikkan Randall, cross country skiing World Champion and Olympian, is visiting Finn Sisu on Saturday, October 25th from noon to 2pm.  Kikkan has many “first’s” for America! She was the first woman to get a gold medal and the World Championships, first Olympic women’s top ten in Nordic, and first World Cup overall sprint champion from America.  What a great opportunity to meet a leader and role model in the Nordic world! It is also Finn Sisu’s annual Fall Fest Friday through Sunday – check out some of their deals:

  • World Champion Kikkan Randall will be signing autographs from noon to 2 pm at Finn Sisu. Free posters to the first 3,000 customers. All about Kikkan here.
  • CXC Super Fit weekend, October 24-26. Have your new skis expertly selected and fitted on the state-of-the-art 3D pressure mat by CXC Team athletes and coaches. CXC staff at Finn Sisu this weekend include Yuriy Gusev and Andy Keller. Be sure to bring in your current skis so the team can help you pick a new pair that complements the skis you already own.
  • CXC Technique Clinic, October 25 at 9 am. Join members of the CXC team for a “Taste of Nordic” roller ski clinic Saturday morning. We’ll meet in the Finn Sisu parking lot. Please bring skate roller ski equipment. (We can lend you some roller skis, but please bring your own boots, poles, and helmets.)
  • 25% off all Yoko gear and clothing.  Skis, boots, jackets, pants, gloves…everything!
  • 25% off Start Poles.

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