Day 2: Homeward Bound
Dec 292009

“skitting”?  Is that a word?

We woke up this morning, had a quick breakfast and were back on the trails at Winter Park.  We had our annual winter trip Time Trial this morning, a skiathlon format with classic first, a quick change of equipment, and then skate.  The kids did great and we have seen a ton of improvement already!

We returned to the lodge for lunch and then headed out on the team ski of Nutcracker.  The team as a whole was victorious over the “cracker” but the trail did get the better of two skis.  One ski was left to be a coat hanger, forever memorialized at Winter Park – Sully left his mark there.  The other ski we are hopeful that it can be repaired…

Tonight’s pictures are large as they include pictures from several sources on the team – the do flow in cronological order for the most part but do take us back to day 1 to start.  The time trial shots are included as well and there are some great ones.  Feel free to print any you like!

We finished the evening with skits and they were something this year.  Something else…  We’ll let you wait for the banquet to see most of those.

We’ll be home tomorrow around 7:30-8:30 pm as long as roads are good.  We’ll have the kids call along the way so you have a better time estimate.  We’ve got some tired young skiers but they are great kids.  We’ll share one quick story before signing off tonight.

We run into some of the same people every year at the trail systems that we go to and they always great us warmly.  They think our kids are pretty darn good and they enjoy seeing us on the trail.  The past two days we have talked with several people at the trails that are very impressed with how great the team was acting, how easily they got on the trail system, how they cleaned up, how they treated the system.  This morning when we arrived at the lodge to pick up passes and head out on the trail, one of the front desk people handed us a pack of 60 vouchers for free cups of cider and hot cocoa.  A gentleman from the area that we’ve seen in past years had been so impressed with the way the group was involved that he donated that as a treat for our kids.  We also had several people watching our kids racing today and playing the relay games in the snow yesterday and they were impressed with how hard they were working and how much fun they were having – you have wonderful kids and we thank you for letting us work with them!

We’ll see you tomorrow – they will be tired (and maybe a little crabby) – so once they get some sleep, I’m sure they’ll love to tell you all about it!!

Enjoy the pictures in the meantime and we’ll try to get the Time Trial results up tomorrow night or Thursday!

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