Day 1: Racing, eating and skitting…
Dec 282009

And we continue skiing… We’ve had good weather and snow cover with a few more inches falling each day. The temps have been comfortable and while the wind was blowing pretty strong today, the trails back in the woods were pretty pleasant.
We started the morning with an early breakfast and were loaded on the bus and ready to go by 7:45. Your skiers have been cooking and cleaning up for our meals and have been doing a great job! Tonight it was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato, chicken noodle, or chicken wild rice soup. Tomorrow for lunch we’ll be having au gratinpotatoes along with the sandwiches – the kids were getting those ready tonight and they look great (thank turquoise team!!).
We have the time trial scheduled for tomorrow morning, 4.2 km classic followed by the 4.2 km skate. We’ll take a break for lunch after and then head out on the “Nutcracker” trail as a team. Pictures from today are linked below.

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