Party at Tori’s is Canceled! Housekeeping Updates!
Feb 252014

We finally got word back from the district and the banquet will be on March 9th at 4:30 in the cafeteria at Elk River High School. You will be getting more information this week about it. We do the banquet pot-luck style so each group of students will be responsible for bringing a dish/drink of some sort to help feed the team.

A huge thank you to all involved for such a wonderful season! This has been a very special year and the coaching staff has enjoyed working with each of you. Just because the season is over though – that doesn’t mean that skiing is done for the year. Woodland still has tons of fantastic snow and beautiful conditions – keep skiing, there are also some other excellent trails around including Lake Maria State Park in Monticello ( 26 km of skating and classical trails) or you could check out some classic only trails at Sand Dunes State Forest in Zimmerman. There are many other trails around the state to explore and ski so take some time while we have snow and explore a new space. Also – if you see the groomers out – make sure you thank then for all their hard work and time, and to the new parent-groomers – thank you! Have fun and thank you for your time and work on the trails!

Some housekeeping things for the team –

  • Wax Room Clean-Up/Equipment and Uniform Turn-in/Awards Voting/Storage Wax Application – All of that happened last week and it went so well!! Thank you all that were there for doing such a great job! If you were unable to come – we are setting up a back up date for you to take care of your skis with storage wax and turn in the rest of your uniforms/equipment. That will be on Wednesday, March 5th – immediately after school. Head to the wax room and we’ll have a couple benches for you to put on storage wax and clean your skis and get them taken care of. Also, make sure to bring your uniform (washed!!) to return.

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